Friday, November 15, 2013

Ya'all know Barbara Stroud? You should!

Barbara is a wonderful gal that lives in Charleston SC with her husband Fred and their frisky pooch Charlie.

Barbara posts a fun and enlightening daily blog.

She and her husband are huge supporters of the arts and are very involved in the art scene in Charleston, which I  might add is a very vibrant one at that.

While I was in GA I buzzed over to pay them a visit and wish Fred a Happy Birthday.
We had a wonderful couple of days before I had to head back to the cold frigid weather of Wisconsin.
We wined and dined and bounced around the galleries as well as hit Bowens for some great seafood.

Barbara carries her camera about as much as I do if not more, which according to Tim Bell, is just nuts! But in any case I did manage to snap a few pix of the gal behind the blog, doin' her thang.

Assessing and keeping a watchful eye on the rising tide.

The T Bell wall

Charlie, frisky and funny as all hell!

Honing in.

Thanks again Barbara and Fred, ya'all are great!!


Eric Bowman said...

The "Tim Bell Wall"???? I should have such luck!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! I LOVE THIS! You are too cool Ken! We had the best time with you! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! Come back soon!

Anonymous said...

Would love to rent a cottage with you, Eric Bowman, Tim Bell David Kasman - would be too cool! Watch you paint, hee hee… One day...

Judy Nocifora said...

Loved reading this post, Barbara! Yes, Ken is such a great guy and talented artist. And… when you decide to rent that cottage with Eric Bowman, Tim Bell, David Kasman, I would love to be your partner in crime! Hee..heee!

Dan Corey said...

Hmmm, two of those paintings look a little familiar..?. We might need Barbara to clear this up.. :)
Never in person but from my e-conversations with Barbara and Fred.. Top shelf people!

Anonymous said...

Good eye Dan! Yes… let me clear this up… Four of those paintings are Tim's (bottom two in the middle and smaller two above them'ish)… Then Dan Corey's paintings on the far left and far right and Allison Hill's painting top middle… And… Ken, we could have a "Ken wall" as well, since we now have four of your paintings, hee… things never stay the same here for too long… and thanks Dan, I like being on the top shelf ;) - good grief, after that benefit that Dan was involved with, we could also have a "Dan wall", going to need a bigger house soon! Oh, and Eric… would also like an Eric wall, ha ha…