Monday, August 26, 2013

Always stay close to your easel.

During PAE we were invited out to a lovely private property to paint for the kick off of Plein Air Easton.
I chose this spot along the rivers edge. As usual I charcoaled in my initial design before beginning to lay in my color.
I remember taking the golf cart to buzz back to my car to retrieve some more bug spray. Upon my return I was surprised but then again not, to see that there was a new little critter added to my water.
Hate to say it again, but never a dull moment and you really need to keep an eye on these artist types.

Photo provided by Ted Mueller

I decided to paint it out, it kind of threw the balance off of the main design.

What a Difference a Day Makes.

While snooping around St. Michaels during the Plein Air Easton Event I came across this scene a few mornings in a row. I kept trying to fit my big easel into the small structure to get a good scene but kept walking away not finding a big enough space to work in or the right view. I liked the elements just couldn't quite get the right feel I could use or work with.
However like the title says, "What a difference a day makes"came to life on my final morning there while eye balling it one more time. Someone had moved the chair into the doorway and enabled me to stay outside out of everyone's way and stay in the shade, which is huge in Easton!
Plus the scene was more than workable now.  Not sure who moved it but thank you!

                                   This is a shot of the scene when it was not working for me.

          Here is my set up outside of the little Crab Shack looking into and through the 2 door ways.

Here is the actual 18" x 24" painting entitled "A Waterman's Life" awarded Artist Choice Award.
Notice how the chair is on the other side of the shack than it was in the first top photo. I ended up setting up right next to the post shown again in the top photo.

Winning the Artist's Choice Award for this piece was indeed very exciting however with that huge honor you will also receive a little back lip as well.

I received this email after the show from a fellow PAE artist :

Guys -- I'm really struggling with my Empty Chair focal point... I've done a few thumbnails, but nothing seems to be coming together for me. I know Ken has this down, but I'm feeling really inadequate; what am I doing wrong?? My compositional skills have been on the blink...

Remember that comment I made a post or two ago about never a dull moment, that seems to happen anytime you get that many different, talented yet PRANKSTER type artists together in one place?

Plein Air Easton 2013

As expected it was HOT!

Yes I know it is almost the close of August already and I really should have written this earlier while it was fresh in my mind, back in July would have been nice.
I figured I already missed a post I was going to do about jurying the Durand Plein Air Event back in June but now a lot of what I wanted to chat about has gotten a little mixed in my head.

Easton was as always a wonderful event, most likely the best in the country. It is always HOT and I even got knocked on my butt for a day and a half due to some form of heat exhaustion. First time in 8 years, but then again I guess I am getting older.

The folks in Easton, the artists, the collectors, and the volunteers are always a great group. Lots of good energy there for sure. Plus never a dull moment, that seems to happen anytime you get that many different, talented yet prankster type artists together in one place.

Thanks as always to Margaret and Dick for their wonderful hospitality as well as to my roomie for the week - Mr. Greg LaRock, great dude!!

Don Demers the awards judge was as expected, witty, clever, well versed, and actually did a good job of judging. Hard to get everyone to ever agree about judging at any event but this is as stated earlier one of the big ones, so hats off to Don.

I was delighted to walk away with the Artist Choice Award as well as a 3rd Place for the Quick Draw.
I believe PAE sold over $330,000 worth of art over the weekend, pretty impressive. Jessica and Al definitely deserve a lot of credit for all of their work and effort they put into this event every year!

Below are some pix from the week.

Eric is always in need of a little help, and yes Hai Ou is already ready to show him the way.

Painting along side Greg LaRock in Oxford

                                                             Artist Choice Award

Quick Draw Winners

Jessica kept telling me I had to drop my Applebee's to see a photo of me in the entryway. Too funny!