Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Purpose of this blog

At the encouragement of a few friends I have decided to do this blog. Not knowing much about blogs or what purpose they have or how it would serve me, I am actually excited to see where it will lead to.
I began teaching back in the late 90's after spending much time and having many conversations with Irving Shapiro, American Academy of Art in Chicago, who was a fantastic watercolorist, instructor, as well as a very kind person. I was always surprised when he said he enjoyed teaching because of all that he got and took from his students as well as gave them. At first blush I didn't really buy into this but after many years of teaching I could not agree more. I truly enjoy teaching and the continual process of learning. Given that, I do see some real benifits for doing this blog. I guess it may add some clarity or insight into where I am going with my thoughts as well as my art.
After spending much of my early training in the midwest, Palette and Chisel, Chicago, I was delighted when I first traveled out to the east coast. All the new influences, different schools of thought, as well as all the diverse painters really got me to start thinking outside of what I was trained to believe.
Now recently, after finally making a trip out to the west coast, and just as expected, I was absolutely thrilled with all of the California painters both living and those like Rose, Wendt, Payne, to name only a few. Again due in part to the area but also other variables, I was fascinated by the styles and thinking of the west coast painters. So now heading back into my studio for the long winter months, I feel I am in a better place to dig deeper and see where all of this will lead.
So I guess this blog for me will be a place where I can jot down ideas and to dig a little deeper and see what door may open this time. After all every experience is always well served.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Where do I start?

So much to say and so little time.
Not sure where I should even start.
I guess I am going to have to ease into this, maybe tomorrow.
Thank goodness there is always tomorrow.