Monday, May 30, 2011

Florida's Forgotten Coast 2011

Just a few images from the event.
Again it really is a great place to paint.
Hodges Soileau chose the Tiki Hut for First Place for the Quick Draw.
Saw lots of good stuff there and hope to be able to spend some more time tapping into it.

A Touching Moment

I was down in Apalachicola a week ago for the Florida's Forgotten Coast Plein Air event.
Great place to paint, lots of good ol' stuff, maybe I just have to learn how to paint good new stuff.
The event went well, met a lot of great new folks, saw some dear old ones, and had a wonderful and productive time.
Came back very inspired which I usually do, but usually struggle to find time to act on it, seeing that I am usually preparing for my next event as well as catching up on what I missed, just not enough time in the day, right Morgan, what a sweetie.
I was very fortunate this trip to meet and spend a little time with one of the East Point locals by the name of Alton Lee. He is the figure in the painting entitled " One Very Colorful Character" 24 x 30.
I stumbled on to him when I was out early one morning painting Fred's Shrimp Shack, turns out to be the place that Alton keeps an eye on for the owner after hours.
While I was painting he crept out from the Shrimp Shack, I had no idea anyone was even in there, looked over in my direction after noticing me and said, " What the F _ _ _!
So naturally I chuckled to myself. He did mosey on over before I was done to inquire as to what I was doing. He actually liked the painting and we chatted just a bit, mainly about his dog that stayed closely behind, named Lulubell.
The following morning while painting a larger version of the Shrimp Shack, I had this brilliant idea to go ask him to pose for me.
Surprisingly he jumped at the chance, I assume it had more to do with the 30 bucks I offered versus being captured in paint. In any case he was ready and I figured no better time than the present so even though he said he was nervous we dove into it. After about a half an hour he wanted to go get breakfast, so naturally he asked for some money. I paid him $10 and watched him stroll off towards the gas station, hoping he would return. He did and for the next 2 hours he told me his life story and asked about mine. Lulubell came in and out of the scene and finally settled off to his right side even though I anticipated her to be at his left. After about 3 hours we called it a day and again I sent him on his way.
I stayed on another hour or so working out the details of the background when from behind me I felt this hand upon my left shoulder. "Please Lord, bless this man, watch over his family, never let him go to bed angry, always let him wake up hungry, dear Lord we pray this, amen." It was Alton Lee.
I have to admit it was very touching.
Thanks to all the folks behind the scenes in Apapalch, you did a great job! Hope to see you all next year.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Drying Time

During many events, folks will ask me how long it takes for a canvas to dry.
I have found depending on the time of year as well as location it of course varies.
Keeping a canvas in the car during an event can help the drying process.
During the Florida's Forgotten Coast Event this year I came across Charles at the quick draw and notice not only was his van a drying machine it was also a gallery on wheels, advertising his work as he drove.
If you look closely you will notice there are many dabs from many painting all over that windshield.
Great job Charles! Love it!