Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Break in the Action

After a hectic, chaotic, and yet very productive summer, I am back at home trying to catch up on a few household chores.
I intentionally slated October to do just that. Prep for my winter studio class, fix the studio window, collect, chop and stack firewood, build a pantry for my wife, and homework with the kiddies of course.
As much as I paint which is quite often, I do take well deserved breaks and feel even more charged up upon my return.
I imagine most folks feel the same way and I was able to witness this first hand during a recent skype conversation with my friend and fellow painter Tim Bell.
As you will see in the photos attached below, Tim is an avid hunter. Tim paints hard and he hunts hard. We were not even able to get through a conversation without Tim running off to take care of business, in his words, "Nobody messes with Tim Bell", especially not this acorn stealing squirrel in his back yard.
Breaks are obviously good, I just choose to have mine without a rifle at my side.

Gotta love the guy! : )

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

San Luis Obispo, CA Plein Air 2010

Hate to say I have wrapped up my plein air events for the year, but it's true.
I cut back this year due in part to the time I spent away from my kids last year.
Missed the 4th of July, Father's day, worse yet, Mother's Day and Halloween. Not good in the eyes of little ones or the wifey for all that matters. What a great year and happy to end it in San Luis Obispo, what a drop dead gorgeous place that is!
After spending an amazing week out on Monhegan Island, ME on the east coast then off to SLO this past week on the west, hard to say which one is more impressive. They are both so different and yet they are both so intriguing, kind of makes me wonder why I am living here in the middle. However the mid-west does have its good points.
In any case, California is beautiful and I always enjoy the challenge of chasing after a William Wendt scene, or scenes that resonate the splendor of Hanson Puthuff and Edgar Payne.
So this year once again I stopped numerous times and hung out painting in the ominous shadow of Wendt's Hollister Peak. Love that place! It really is awe inspiring, and I guess that would be due in part to the proximity of it. Route 1 cuts right along side of it as you drive by, very hard to miss it. There is also a wonderful deserted ranch that sits below. I am sure I will go back again in the future.

I also came across the Baywood Navy, a wonderful collection of old wooden boats that are moored in the inlet of Morro Bay. What a treat that was. One morning I was fortunate enough to catch a gentleman on his way out with his rusty orange Edgar Payne looking sail. Amazing!
With the trip to Monhegan and now SLO I am happy to head into the studio for the winter, I'll still get out looking for some of those wonderful winter Edward Redfield scenes but there will be lots to do this winter thanks to both the East and the West coast.