Friday, November 15, 2013

Workshop Newnan GA

Thanks to Millie Gosche for hosting a workshop in Newnan GA right after the Laguna event this past October.

Millie if you do not know her, that in itself would be amazing to me seeing that everybody knows Millie, is a local celebrity with a national following. I have painted around the country and anytime you meet someone from Georgia, all you have to do is mention - Millie Gosche.

I left Laguna one evening and was back on a plane the following morning to head south. Thinking Georgia would be warm, similar to that of Southern California, I naturally kept my bag packed didn't even open it, shorts and shirts, and only swapped out my easel.

Didn't even have the time to double check the weather, wow what a mistake that was.
Little did I know it was colder in Georgia than it was Wisconsin!

Well thanks to Millie and all of her warm southern hospitality we managed.
It was cold a few days especially in the morning. I looked back during the first demo to see a dozen or so folks wrapped up in blankets! Gotta give them all credit!

Great group of folks, lots of good energy and enthusiasm.

Millie even set up a demo one evening at the local gallery in Newnan and had about a dozen high school students show up, and that was on a Saturday evening! I was very impressed, so nice to get a chance to share this stuff with youngsters, wish I had that when I was young.

Here are a variety of shots, a big thanks to Gene Rizzo for the use of the photos!

Painting at Callaway Farm

Nothing like a good cigar after a cold hard day painting. Gene Rizzo

Southern Gals - Millie, Marilyn, Allison

A couple of demos

All wrapped up!

Dinner out after the Saturday evening demo.

The dedicated Saturday evening High School students, thanks ya'all!!

Millie, lookin' stylish as always!

My buddy Gene

Trying to keep those hands warm.

Thanks again to all of the dedicated folks for enduring the Wisconsin type weather in Georgia! 
Thanks again Millie - it was fun!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time and some great demos Ken! You're a trooper… I remember that weekend… coldest weekend in Charleston this year...