Thursday, June 19, 2014

My boys!

It has been a busy spring / summer as always but happy to say I have been able to sneak in some time with my 2 younger boys. The older two are now keeping busy with their lives, work, friends, and growing up I guess but I was able to include my boys in a workshop I gave here recently.

They both are incredibly talented and possess a great deal of enthusiasm for the arts.

They grow up so damn fast!

Westy doing the lean back! Love it!

Tysen working on some cloud studies, all day long!

1st Annual Artspire in LaCrosse Wi

Thank you Beloit!

What a treat it was to go back to Beloit after so many years!

It is only a 3 hour drive however it has been hard for me to get over there especially during their Plein Air event.
I was delighted to be invited back to give a short one day class and hang out for a couple of days.

Thanks to Nicki, Sue, and all of the others behind the scenes as well as Sandy and Chuck for making this happen. Shared a wonderful meal with a host of talented and interesting people the night before.

We had beautiful weather for the class which is always iffy in June. So naturally I was very grateful for that. Here are a couple of pictures of the demo.

Thank you Wendie Thompson for the photos.

Afterwards Sandy brought me over to the beautiful public library which houses my "Night Shift" 24 x 36 painting I did years back of the Iron Works building on the river. I am very honored to have it hung at this incredible library.

Thanks again to all the wonderful folks in Beloit!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Plein Air Workshop in June - in Wisconsin!

It has been a while since I have given a workshop in Wisconsin in June.

I have pretty much tried every month, well besides the winter ones but usually the weather can be cool even cold and definitely rainy. So naturally I was thrilled with the weather we have been having for this June Plein Air Workshop in Viroqua WI.

Great group of painters with lots of great energy and enthusiasm. Even brought along my 2 youngsters today.

Here are a few pics from the first 2 days.

Breaking in that Strada for me.

Getting creative to stay out of the sun.

Little town of Springville. Church, Barn, Stream, and a couple of houses! Can't beat it.

Lunch chat.

There is a critic in every crowd.