Wednesday, August 5, 2009

July / August -Easton Plein Air- Easton MD

Once again, the trip to Easton has already come and gone. My how time fly's.
As always Easton has proven to be a wonderful and productive experience. Thanks to the folks of Easton, hosts of the event, volunteers, collectors, Margaret and Dick Welch our wonderful host family, as well as fellow artists for another very enjoyable year.

I have been going to Easton for the past 4 years now and as always I leave there with more inspiration and insight then I did the year before. I spent a lot of time with my house mate, Greg LaRock which as expected led to some very in depth and entertaining conversations as well as good painting time together. Got up too early and stayed up too late chatting but all worth it.

Tim Bell on the other hand was up to his usual mischief. Strong painter, very passionate, and enjoys a good bout of trash talkin'. We both have very competitive backgrounds from years of b-ball and rugby. Tim continues to push the boundaries and as always helps to get me to think outside of the box.
I really cherish going both east and west and all of the continual influences I am exposed to, all of which continue to make me grow as an artist.
Off to prepare for SLO, Laguna and Sedona.

It truly was a blast and not because Bell was tossing firecrackers all around Talbot County!