Friday, November 15, 2013

Judging - that Four Letter Word

I have juried a number of events and shows over the years as well as participated in numerous plein air events as well as regional and national shows around the country and I have always made the comment, that wining awards does not mean you are the best artist in the room, it merely means you have won the favor of that particular judge for that given day. Relish in it when you win but do not hang your head if you do not.
It is always an honor to be recognized and it is easier to talk about this after being on both sides of the fence, versus just sour grapes. I am very happy to be able to say that I placed in every event that I competed in this year. Some years you are recognized and some years there is no such love. There is usually no rhyme or reason, it is very subjected for each individual judge, so everything and anything is fair game.

Here is a glance back at this years efforts.

Easton - Artist Choice Award

Easton 3rd Quick Draw Award

Frederick - Best Architectural Award

Florida's Forgotten Coast - Quick Draw Award

Laguna - Randy Higbee Gallery Award

Laguna - Strada Award

Richmond - Honorable Mention Award

Thanks to all of the judges that saw something in my work and selected it!


Eric Bowman said...

Need to change your name to "Mr. Awaard" (not DeWaard)...congrats on a stellar year, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Love Eric's comment!