Thursday, September 8, 2011

Is BIGGER really better?

While traveling to the East coast 6 years ago I was exposed to the Glouster style easel by guys like Tim Bell and Steve Griffin. I had been using a french easel at that time for the past 20 years but was very impressed with the Glouster easel. It has a bigger foot print which gives it more stability during windy conditions, my old french given by design was not as good in such weather, also the screws always needed to be tightened, kind of like owning a Harley. It can also handle bigger canvas' which was a huge plus.

After switching over to the Beauport, which is a cheap knock off of the Glouster, I was sold and ditched my old stand-by.
With the Beauport I needed to build a paint box, which also adds necessary weight to the middle of it.

My first box was about 18" x 22" x 4". Pretty good size and it is still able to be shipped around the country. It always weighs in right under the 50 lb. maximum limit for travel.
However after chatting with Tim, he suggested building a little bit bigger box, good for close to home and not too far away from the car even.

For those of you that do not know Tim Bell or his work, he does prefer to work large. The first plein air event I did with the guy, he cranked out a 40 x 50 for the event compared to my 12 x 16! It made everyone step back and notice that is for sure.

Here is his website:

Well as much as I questioned his dimensions that he sent me, this is what I came up with.
I must say it does hold a lot of stuff.
Thanks Timmy!