Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Laguna Invitational October 2009

October post left in the draft box
After spending 3 and a half weeks in CA, my mind is still reeling from all that I saw and experienced. As I mentioned the Irvine Museum's Collection was wonderful and what perfect timing, for a change on my behalf, seeing that I just missed the Wendt Exhibit last year.

The Laguna Invitational was a great experience. I met a lot of high caliber artist, saw how they interpreted the same area that I painted in, and what a difference your background and influences make, as well as experience. Since expanding out of the Midwest a few years back I have always been aware and appreciated what I walked away with. This trip did not disappoint at all.

I was challenged during the quick draw more then usual. First off everyone was somewhat set up along the coast (Heisler Park area). Little did we know the fog would soon roll in, making it impossible to see the scene that you began with.
Being that most of these painters have painted the surf and coastal scenes for many years, I did not feel that would be a good choice on my behalf. These folks can do this stuff in their sleep, and with only 2 hours, I opted to paint a view of Jesse Powell, John Budicin, Calvin Liang and Robert Watts Painting the costal view. Not necessarily an easier task but one I felt more comfortable doing, versus going head to head with these guys with what began as a slightly sunny scene and ended as a foggy one.

I was most impressed with the air and atmosphere that most of these west coast folks utilize. The light play, design, and rhythm of the surf and their interpretation was very inspirational.
George Strickland has a wonderful command of this. His values are light and airy along with strong designs and very harmonious color schemes and wonderful atmospheric effects.

I could definitely benefit from hanging around these guys and their different influences and ways of interpreting the world as we see it, hopefully our paths will cross again in the future.

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