Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Irvine Collection, CA

While hanging out in Newport Beach with Greg LaRock, we were invited to an opening by Randy Highbee, King of Frames, held at the Irvine Collection. What a treat that was!
During my last trip out to Cali last year they were just installing the William Wendt Show at the Laguna Museum when I was flying back. So naturally I really enjoyed seeing the 4 WilliamWendt paintings as well as paintings by Sam Hyde Harris, Jack Wilkinson Smith, Edgar Payne, Joseph Kleitsch, Guy Rose, Frank Cuprien, and Hanson Puthuff just to name a few.
I have admired many of these paintings in books but as always seeing the original and being able to get within inches of it, was really quite inspirational and educational.
The Irvine also allows you to take photos, which naturally I did. Stepping back everything always falls into place but it is amazing what little nuances and extra touches one sees when really observing at close range. The paint texture and pure touches of color were amazing.
I went back 3 times over the week to take in as much as my eyes could handle.

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