Monday, August 26, 2013

What a Difference a Day Makes.

While snooping around St. Michaels during the Plein Air Easton Event I came across this scene a few mornings in a row. I kept trying to fit my big easel into the small structure to get a good scene but kept walking away not finding a big enough space to work in or the right view. I liked the elements just couldn't quite get the right feel I could use or work with.
However like the title says, "What a difference a day makes"came to life on my final morning there while eye balling it one more time. Someone had moved the chair into the doorway and enabled me to stay outside out of everyone's way and stay in the shade, which is huge in Easton!
Plus the scene was more than workable now.  Not sure who moved it but thank you!

                                   This is a shot of the scene when it was not working for me.

          Here is my set up outside of the little Crab Shack looking into and through the 2 door ways.

Here is the actual 18" x 24" painting entitled "A Waterman's Life" awarded Artist Choice Award.
Notice how the chair is on the other side of the shack than it was in the first top photo. I ended up setting up right next to the post shown again in the top photo.

Winning the Artist's Choice Award for this piece was indeed very exciting however with that huge honor you will also receive a little back lip as well.

I received this email after the show from a fellow PAE artist :

Guys -- I'm really struggling with my Empty Chair focal point... I've done a few thumbnails, but nothing seems to be coming together for me. I know Ken has this down, but I'm feeling really inadequate; what am I doing wrong?? My compositional skills have been on the blink...

Remember that comment I made a post or two ago about never a dull moment, that seems to happen anytime you get that many different, talented yet PRANKSTER type artists together in one place?


Eric Bowman said...

Nice post -- who did the killer thumbnail sketches? Those are awesome!! You've definitely got some talented friends, Ken!

Anonymous said...

Too funny, I was going to say, I bet that was EB... Ha ha... Cool that you guys all get along so well! Love it!

Kim VanDerHoek said...

I have a photo of you at this location. If I can find your email address I'll send it along.

It's nice to see your fellow painters sketching before laying brush to canvas. Disaster averted! I'm sure your advice pointed that painter in the right direction however. Although, I think the emotive surprise lines emanating from the chair in sketch #3 really emphasize the strong emotional quality in that scene.

We'll miss you in Sonoma Ken!