Friday, February 15, 2013

Quest to Simplify

I have had a dear friend of mine point out while looking at my recent work, "As I look at your paintings I see some East coast and West coast influences, but not quite firmly in either camp. The east coast wants more intricate detail, and the west coast more vibrant color and color vibrations." 

While you are usually fighting to define your own camp, I have found it is usually somewhat overridden by your influences. I have read it took Sorolla 20 years to define"Sorolla-ism". I guess I take some comfort in that, however  it still is very unsettling while being on that road. There are many influences that creep into my head on a daily basis, and depending on my mood or subject matter in front of me, these can change quite easily. Again this can be a little unsettling.

So how does one break habits and simplify at all costs, if that is where one's heart lies?
The Fechin Exhibit I saw a month ago is still etched into my brain and I am sure that what I saw there is causing this need to not render so much and get to the essence of it without describing everything and to concentrate on the big picture, what is truly important and to let the secondary areas serve as just that, secondary areas all in support of the main big picture?!

It's a long damn road.

Some recent pieces-

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