Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fellow Painters, supposedly friends??

I have been doing National Plein Air events since 2006. Over the years I have met many wonderful painters who have be come friends. I have always enjoyed the events since they took me out of my current environment, midwest, and exposed me to new ideas and other influences and schools of thought. This is always a great thing, just like visiting different museums to get inspired by the men and women that came before us.

However with these events there is also a little thing called competition.
I have played basketball since the 4th grade through out my college years and would consider myself to be somewhat competitive. Would even go so far as to say I really enjoy a good bout of trash talking.
So naturally this trash talking usually begins very early in the year. Now remember those "friends" I spoke of earlier, the guys I have met and think highly of ?  Well maybe it is time to find some new friends. I received this the other day via e mail from one of those supposed friends a NEW DVD Release.

Let the games begin!!! :  )


Randy Saffle said...

Where can I order that Ken?

Robin Roberts said...

Priceless. Speaking of competitions, sorry to see you are not heading back to Callaway Gardens. Was winning too easy? Just kidding. I hope all is well with you and you are happily painting your trees somewhere.

Take Care.

Eric Bowman said...

Shocking!!! That's just terrible, Ken...to think someone would actually deface you, an upstanding pillar in the plein air community in such a low-brow, cheap shot manner...disgraceful! BTW, who is the mouth-breathing shameless scoundrel??... No wait! probably best not to name them -- I'm sure they'd only revel in the attention anyway.
Ahem, uh, I have to go now...

Denise Rose said...

Love the new hair do Friend :)