Thursday, November 8, 2012


                                      "Southern Charm, Miss Myrtles" 18 x 24
                                                       Artist Choice Award
                                              Florida's Forgotten Coast 2012

Glancing back at the events of this year I was very fortunate and grateful to have won a few awards. I am not one to toot my own horn but always happy to be recognized, always knowing that winning any awards does not mean you are the best artist in the room, it only means you have won the favor of the judge for that given day. Even with Artist Choice Awards, it seems that rarely is it ever won by a landslide, usually all is takes is  3 or 4 artists to agree upon a given painting, which in itself is a difficult task. :  )
For example as much as I enjoyed receiving the Artist Choice Award in Florida this year I did not feel as if I was the best choice, there really were some amazing pieces there, again not complaining but as usual just second guessing.
I am often amazed at how I feel while participating in an event all week and being okay about what I produced and then going to the opening and finding myself very humbled, never fails no matter what I do or have accomplished. I have heard that this it is part of the growing process and that it never really changes, always striving to reach the next unattainable level.
It can kind of drive one a little crazy at times, as much as I am always competing with other artists at these events, I tend to be truly competing more with myself than anyone else. However after all the years of playing B-Ball through High School and College, I do love a good trash talkin' ! :  )

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