Friday, November 9, 2012

Alterations for the sake of design.

As I get back into the routine of blogging again, I may be a bit scattered with my thoughts but this did present itself today so may as well jump in.

                                          "Sheds and Shacks" 18" x 24 Oil on Linen Panel

I did this painting earlier this summer at Plein Air  Easton. Even though the scene I was working from did not have a window in the pink building as it does in my painting, top image, I felt it was necessary to include one.
The openness of the shape did not seem to help the overall composition so I decided to add a window which tends to tie the shapes together a bit and add to the overall flow of the piece.
As much as I tend to document what is in front of me, I will make these small but important alterations when I feel the design would be better served.
Building from what is there but not being a slave to it.

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