Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Monhegan Paintings First Round

Just a couple of images of some Monhegan scenes.
These are all 12" x 16" and they all still need a few tweaks, some more then others but it gives the overall feel of the place.
Again because of the lack of drying time, needing to get these back across the ferry then on to a plane, I did hold off on some heavier finishing strokes, reserving them until back in the studio.
Also unlike a Plein Air painting competition, I did not push to finish them as much as gather as much information as I could. There were way too many great scenes to pass up on by spending too much time on one place. Plenty of time in the studio to do that.
Next trip out, more time and larger canvas'.


Susan Roux said...

Upon seeing your little painting in my dashboard and before even reading the title, I recognized it as Monhegan. I guess its fair to say, you captured the feeling of the island.

Gosh, I need to return there sometime...

Frank Gardner said...

They look good to me Ken, just like they are.

Flying Girl said...

Ken, great work.
Several years ago I wrote about painting on Monhegan for Yachting Magazine, and am just now getting around to doing a blog. Wonder if I might post a couple of your images in the blog with a link to this sight? Season's Best.