Monday, January 4, 2010

Go Figure

I have been running around all summer long doing plein air events, teaching workshops, cutting grass, and playing with my kids. I finally finished up in early November, then found myself playing catch up for a month for all the time I was away. Cutting and chopping firewood, winterizing our home and studio, catching up with the kids and finally getting back in my studio in December.
Obviously I have found no spare time to keep up with my blog. Even though I am home for the winter months and will spend much of my time in my studio, besides some plein air time, I am still finding it tough to keep up with this blog.
For me this blog was supposed to be a way of keeping my thoughts recorded and share things I have learned through my experiences.
It looks as if I will continue but not as often as I thought I would.
I do have some things I'd like to share but I am also in need of being selfish with my time. I guess that is part of being an artist, especially one with 4 young kids.

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