Tuesday, January 5, 2010


This summer I was able to spend some time with Carolyn Hesse-Low, what a treat she is. A real sweetheart that's for sure and a great painter at that. If you ever find yourself out at dinner with a group of painters and Carolyn is there, be sure and sit close to her, not only is she a wonderful conversationalist but she also eats like a bird, so there's always plenty of left overs. Good for a chow hound like me. I have heard, I think it was Scott Lloyd Anderson, that she is also a great dancer!
We where chatting one evening about living life in Wisconsin especially during the brutal winters and the need to cut, collect, gather, and chop firewood. Seeing that she lives in the San Diego area, this whole concept was absolutely foreign to her. So for my dear friend Carolyn, a small stack of Wisconsin wood. : )

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Carolyn said...

Dear Ken,

It took me awhile, but I finally found the Wisconsin woodpile while it's still winter! Nice to get a visual of the real thing, and when I consider how much time it must have taken to chop all that wood, I'd say that's no small stack. I'd also say that YOU are the real sweetheart, the one with the incredible talent and the kindest soul. It's always a great pleasure dining with you. I always learn something wonderful. Keep up the terrific work on the mural--it looks amazing! I look forward to painting in the next event with you.