Friday, June 28, 2013

The Russians!

The Lazare Gallery is just outside of Richmond and is most definitely worth the trip out.
Amazing place with an amazing collection.
John the owner is a sweetheart of a guy and is very knowledgeable.

Thanks to Carol and Doris who were kind enough to escort me there with some of that wonderful southern hospitality! Even took me out to lunch!! Love you gals!

I have been a huge fan of Russian Impressionism for many years now and this was a good shot in the arm before heading off to participate in Easels in Fredreick. Billy O even asked if I wanted to drop by DC on the way and take in the Portrait Gallery and as much I would have usually jumped at the chance, I kindly declined. That too is a great area and I have been there numerous times but I was very much interested in keeping this stuff alive in my head.

Carol walked away a very happy woman, good choice Carol!

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