Friday, June 28, 2013

Inspiration at the VMA in Richmond

I was fortunate enough to be able to spend some time in front of this John Sargent painting while I was in Richmond during the plein air event. I was literally there for 4 hours, most of the 4 hours was spent in front of this painting. Pretty amazing piece to say the least.

The guards were very patient with me and I thank them for that. I was told every time I stepped in to observe, the guys in the control room looking from above, would alert the guards via ear buds who would then cruise by and check on me again always keeping a close eye, very kind but probably very happy when I left.  Thanks for the photo Stewart White.

The "Sketchers"painting along with a beautiful Pissaro and a John White Alexander "Potrait Study in Pink" where definitely worth the visit. 

Any guesses? Very cool, my son loved this one. . .

Great collection if you happen to be in the area.

Chuck Close of course.

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Albert. S said...

Ken, that is some nice shots of Sargent painting. I too would have been in your shoes stepping up to see brushstrokes, glazes, colors..etc. But I tend to get offended when security is to anal over artwork. I understand they dont know me per se or dont know that im an artist as well. Still that bugs the hell out of me. I was at San Diego Art museum and they have a bouguereau on display and I was stepping up and sideways looking for something... funny thing is bouguereau painted so fine..its like something from photoshop
oh and yes the guards were hanging around as usual.
thanks for post.