Saturday, August 27, 2011

Go Figure - August in Easton

Who would have thought that one month after being here in Easton with a record high heat index of 125° that I would be giving a workshop in the middle of a hurricane not to mention my first ever experience with an earthquake that also happened here on the East coast, west coast yes understandable but here on the East coast come on now?!

For me it is always a challenge to find good locations for a regular workshop, I was not prepared for what I found here in Easton when I arrived. Not only did I need to find locations that had adequate parking without paying meters, bathrooms, a variety of good and interesting subject matter, I also needed a rain / wind shelter for the up and coming hurricane! Talk about meeting your match.

Well, I must give the ladies credit for toughing it out. Not knowing what we may have to deal with or when it is coming is rather difficult.
One young lady's had to cross back and forth over the Bay Bridge and made the wise decision to stay at home one of the days seeing that there was talk of closing the bridge and knowing she may be stuck on the wrong side of it.
Cu-do's to her when she called in during the start of the hurricane to inquire about a certain tube of paint she needed ( she was at the art store of course ) also seeing that she lives in a flood prone area she was seeking the best, highest spot to leave her car so she would still be able to get out the day the storm and make it back down to Easton for the rest of the class. That is some real dedication if you ask me.

Another student brought to my attention that Mr. Tim Bell who is a Maryland artist also offers a plein air class here in Easton which is entitled "Extreme Plein Air". I really gave that some thought and even had to call Mr. Bell and inquire.
How "Extreme" can a class be here in November?
Come on now Tim.
First off there are no Earth quakes, no heat index's of which to speak of, and definitely not any Hurricanes, they also threw in a Tornado watch during this Hurricane but I won't even add that in there. But come on what can possibly be so extreme here in November? Over abundance of lightning bugs maybe!?! You have some explaining to do Mr. Bell. : )
However I guess I really can't say too much seeing that we had to move indoors on the day it was heading into town and will cancel the class for tomorrow when it is due to pass through.
Hopefully it will pass without much fuss and we can carry on and pick up where we left off at.

More to come . . . .

A Break in the storm.

Trying to get in one more demo before the Hurricane begins, however the rain soon pushed us indoors.

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