Saturday, August 27, 2011

Despite the Storm

Thanks to Margaret and Dick as well as Nancy and Carl, even though my workshop took place during a freaking hurricane, my trip to Easton was as enjoyable as ever.

Nancy insisted on doing Maryland crabs, along with some Smith Island cake, absolutely delightful meal and evening spent with great company.

Also during the hurricane we made the most of it by having a good home cooked - down south meal of shrimp and grits, would have made a few hurricanes as cocktails but didn't think we had everything we needed so we got by with some good rum from Barbados with coke.

Never know who you'll see driving by in Easton.

Even got a chance to snoop around in PA and Delaware to see if there were any places I would be interested in moving the family to. That is still yet undecided, Easton is actually a good option, well besides the earthquake, hurricane, and oppressive summer heat that is.

Even with the weather - you gotta love Easton!
Thanks ya'all!

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