Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Finally - Blogging with a laptop

I wasn't really sure where I would be going with this blog, with 4 young kids, travel, life, etc., however I have had a desire to jot down ideas and influences as they have crossed my path.
This laptop will enable me to do just that.

For example in June I went and gave a workshop at Stone Ridge Farms in Bucks County PA.
Great group, great B and B. Beautiful area with a lot of old east coast charm.
I was given the opportunity to paint and tour at Daniel Garber's studio and home.
It was very inspirational.
I also spent some time taking in a few Edward Redfeild's at the Michener Museum.
Talk about plein air at it's finest!
So much paint and yet such a sense of light and luminosity. To my understanding he would experience a scene and view it many times prior to actually painting it, then dive in and complete it in a single 8 hour session.
Talk about holding an image in your head.

Between Edward Redfield and William Wendt, thanks to my dear friend and wonderful artist Greg LaRock, my CA connection, I am definitely looking at the wold with different eyes and insights. Not being timid, seeing and painting in color, building off of what is presented to me but being ready and willing to interpret, enhance and seeing beyond the obvious.

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