Tuesday, July 14, 2009

As a plein air painter for the last almost 20 years I have used the old standard easel, being the french box. It worked for many years however it has tipped over even when weighted as well as I was finding it difficult to step back, hold my palette as well as keep a hand close enough to keep it from moving in the wind.
The tripod easels do not allow me to be as aggressive as I like to be however . . . . my troubles are over.
This easel rocks, like no other.
I was informed by Tim Bell, very talented and expressive painter in Maryland 2 years ago and finally got one, long over due.
I have taken it out in very windy conditions ( over 35 mile an hour winds) and I was beaten up and knocked around but this easel held its ground and did not budge.
I love it because it enables me to step back.
I even keep my turp cup a good 12 - 15 feet behind me to make sure that I do step back, bad habits are hard to break.


Kim Carlton said...

Hi Ken, Thanks for blogging and for showing us this easel. What kind is it? Where did you get it? Can it hold all your stuff? How heavy is it? How long does it take you to set up/break down? Did it come altogether? or did you have to get things separately? You can't just show us this and leave us hanging!

Ken DeWaard said...

Hi Kim, So sorry for the delay!
In case you are still in the dark about this easel, here are some specs:
I purchased it at ASW for $125 plus 20% off. It is a Beauport which is a knock off of the Gloucester easel.
It weighs 8 pounds however you need to have a paint box to carry your brushes, paint and any other gear. That is what ends up weighting your easel down which makes it very secure in windy conditions. It sets up and breaks down in minutes. It comes with a travel bag, which I don't use, but I did get a fly fishing case to ship it around in which is more secure and fits perfectly. Again I am so sorry for the delay in my response. Please accept my apologies.