Monday, July 28, 2014

Travelin' Paint Box

While we are on the subject . . .

I have been lugging this paint box around the county for the last six years or so.

Sadly I did not take it to China or Italy but everywhere else in between.  A dear friend, an old cowboy Artist by the name of Jerry Riness helped me build it.

Each place it has gone I usually try and get it tagged so to speak. Every Plein Air event always stamps the back side of the canvas with their logo as well as the date. So naturally I would have them stamp the front of my paint box, like one of those old traveling suitcases.

Tim Bell one year at Easton decided it was necessary to write, " Honor is a gift that a man gives himself" on a piece of blue tape attached to my stretcher bars. That too ended up on the top side of this old box.

And now of course it has spread to the inside of the box, even have a Edgar Payne print under the 12x16 panel.

I have toyed with the idea of making a slightly smaller box, better for traveling with, but not sure I could part with this one anyway, it has kind of grown on me over the years.

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