Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Seeing that I have been a little grounded and spending more time in my studio this winter, I have begun to revisit some scenes that really caught my eye initially.

In most cases the scene which was already painted has been sold but the scene itself still looms in my head. So along with a digital of the original painting as well as a photo or two from the original location I delve back into the place I was at, not so much looking to copy the painting but revisit the scene and explore it a little more. There are some scenes that should be painted numerous times, sometimes just the location at different times of the day and season is enough in itself as in Monet's Haystacks or Cathedral paintings, or looking at the same scene from a totally different design, either way is desirable.

Today I started an 18" x 24" copy of this Sonoma scene. This courtyard is absolutely gorgeous so naturally it has been rattling around in my head since October.
Completed version.

"Bella Giornata" 18" x 24" oil on linen panel

This is a sunrise scene from Apalachicola that is a 16" x 20" copy of the original which was done as a 12x16 on location.

On that same note I have posted a few paintings of our Quonset Hut, which should have been turned into my studio years ago but instead needed to be recycled, a very sad day when that happened.
This kind of documents its life story.

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