Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I am no stranger to revisiting a scene that I find appealing.

I have often painted the same scene at different times of the day or different times of the year, however it is very rare that I ever just copy a scene to duplicate it, even if it is a well received image.

Recently I did this first painting a 16" x 20" from a scene in my head with the aid of a photograph in my studio. I did a pencil sketch as I always do prior to starting a painting no matter what size the painting is.
The sketch is posted below as well.

At the close of the original painting I decided to start a new version, same size, same design but keeping within the perimeters of my pencil sketch not using the photo at all. Surprisingly since the scene was still fresh in my mind I really didn't need it. What I did turn to was my sketch which was the driving force in my mind.

I was interested in interpreting more and not being too literal, simplifying, and stylizing my shapes.
Looking to exploring the pencil sketch and movement of the design with less detail, versus the scene as it was, leaning on what I experienced while painting with Tu Zhiwei in China last fall, who still resides in the deep recesses of my mind - thankfully. So even though they are the same scene there is a noticeable difference.

I feel as if I was able to do what I set out to do with this second version.
Always learning, digging deeper, and trying to understand what it is I am attempting to do. I assume it is never ending, but always welcoming any evolving that comes my way.

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Eric Bowman said...

Hmm, mastering the force, you are young Skywalker...