Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wisconsin in October

Last year I was off in Sedona AZ for their Plein Air Event in the end of October.
Totally enjoyed it and loved the color of those darn rocks! Tough to paint, but loved it just the same.
However this year, I have to admit, I was glad to be home!
Last year I missed Halloween and having 4 youngsters at home, it was really nice to be here for that. We had beautiful weather and got to stretch it out over 2 different evenings.
We also found some time to carve up some jack o lanterns as well.
Here in Viroqua the town business', up and down Main St. conduct their Halloween Trick or Treating on Friday night, while the town itself did it on Sunday night, what a blast and double the candy, especially after stopping by the neighbors for a huge baggy full of it.
Oh to be a kid again. : )

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