Friday, August 6, 2010

Closing the Garden Gate

After many years of teaching and always suggesting to students to leave an opening for the viewer to enter into the painting, such as, if there is a fence to make sure and leave the gate open and not closed off . . . . I found myself in Easton this past July and on two occasions ended up discarding my own advice.

I have always said there are no rules in painting, just principals.

On these two occasions I found it better to leave the fence crossing the bottom of the painting and chose not to open a gate.

In the first instance I did beat up the fence and provided a small opening for the eye to travel up through, but on the second I chose to leave the gate shut and gave the viewer a kind of peaking glance into the life of the neighbor, not fully welcomed and yet enough movement within the design to invite the viewer into the scene, and feel comfortable there.

So as I have always said, there are no certainties in painting or in life for all that matters. Just wanted to share that.


Susan Roux said...

Beautiful work. Soft lovely colors coupled with great light.

Anonymous said...

Amen about the certainties. I love this painting. You are killin it dude. great work.